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Post ice  how foreign students and universities can work together
ICE! How Foreign Students And Universities Can Work Together And Protect Student’s Rights

In spite of the fact that many of them are constitutionally dubious, the federal government has taken several draconian measures against both documented and undocumented aliens living in the United States. Some of these have been summarily overrul...

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Post 8 colleges with the best study abroad programs
8 Colleges With the Best Study Abroad Programs

It’s almost summer vacation. Wouldn’t it be great if someone asked you what you were doing this summer, that you could reply, “studying abroad!”? Thousands of students across the world want to go somewhere besides their own country to experience n...

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Post financial accounting
What to Know About Financial Accounting

To start, let us define first what finance is. Finance is defined as the science of money management. It is a field that deals with the allocation of assets and liabilities over time. It also applies and uses the theories of economics at some level.

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