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6 Most Unique Schools in The World

26. 08. 2017
Content 6 most unique schools in the world

Could you study dead bodies for a living? What about learning to be the perfect Santa? Is the idea of designing your own major appealing to you? If you were empowered to do so, how would you meet the educational needs of the most underserved members of your community?

The following six schools each provide a unique educational service and experience to the students they serve. Keep reading to learn more.

  1. India’s Train Platform School

This is a very touching, and inventive solution to a heartbreaking problem. If you’ve ever traveled to India, you have likely seen impoverished children begging on train platforms. These are children who, for the most part, do not have an opportunity to become educated. However, an organization known as Ruchika School Social Services Organization has done something to help.

Since it would be nearly impossible to get these children to a local school, this group brings school to them. Children who come to the train platform to beg are taught using play, music, and puppetry. In addition to educating these children, RSSO also supplies their food and medical needs. Even family members are  helped.

  1. University of Tennessee’s Body Farm

The university of Tennessee isn’t a particularly unique institution in and of itself, but the body farm definitely is. There, bodies that have been donated to science are allowed to decompose naturally, in a variety of situations. This includes buried, submerged in water, left in shade or sunlight, and in other situations where a dead body  might be found.

It may sound gruesome, but there is a reason for this. Many graduate students at the university’s school of anthropology are pursuing the specialty of Forensic Anthropology. This involves the collecting and examination of human remains for the purposes of assisting the medical and law enforcement communities. By examining bodies in controlled environments, scientists can draw better conclusions in real world situations.

  1. The Charles W. Howard Santa Claus School

Yes, Virginia there really is a Santa Claus (school). In fact, there are several.  However, this one, located in Midland Michigan, is widely considered to be the best. The school itself was designed to be a replica of Santa’s home at the North Pole. Since 1937, students have learned the art of becoming the ideal Santa Claus.

Students learn to handle live reindeers, a form of sign language just for Santa, proper make-up techniques, and how to dress like the ideal Santa. The school draws students from all over the world, and sessions begin just in time to have the newest class of Santas ready for the  holiday season.

  1. Evergreen State College

The first sign that this school is not like any other is its choice in mascots. While other schools have Knights, Vikings, Boars, Cardinals, and Bulldogs emblazoned across their jerseys, students at Evergreen State proudly display Speedy, the geoduck clam.

Of course the uniqueness here goes much deeper than an unusual mascot. At Evergreen, which is located in Olympia Washington, students at the junior and senior develop an individual learning contract and design their own syllabi. Freshmen and sophomores have freedoms as well. Because the school has no established prerequisites for earning a bachelor’s degree, students in their first two years can take any class that piques their interest.

  1. Webb Institute

Some college students have no idea what they want to do with their lives. Others just need some time to narrow their choices. Down. Then, there are those who have no doubt about their future plans. These are the students who attend Webb Institute in New York.

Web Institute offers a single degree program. This is a dual degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. This is a demanding school with high standards for admission and notoriously rigorous courses. However, for students who can make it, the school is worthwhile. All students receive a full boat scholarship to the school, and the graduate job placement rate  is 100%.

  1. Bard College at Simon’s Rock

Bard college is a small, liberal arts school in New England. That’s not unique. That portion of the United States is full of these schools. However, what makes Bard College at Simon’s Rock unique is that it welcomes very young students. In fact, students can begin at the school full time as freshmen without ever having graduated from high school.

Most incoming Freshmen at the school are sixteen years old, but they can be as young as fourteen. Don’t mistake this as a haven for rich kids who couldn’t  hack it in the public or private school system. These students must prove themselves as being successful in academics and well rounded.


Everyone has unique goals and educational needs. Some of these schools may seem a bit odd at first, but the truth is each one is offering students as well as society something of value.