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Guidelines and Policies with LegitWritings.com

1. The terms and conditions of the website must be read and understood.

2. Personal information will only be shared when it is deemed necessary or in accordance with the law. This is explained further in our Privacy Policy document.

3. Legal action will be taken against those who will violate any laws or engage in illegal activities.

4. We strictly follow the regulations set by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. You can read more about these regulations by visiting https://www.copyright.gov/legislation/dmca.pdf

5. If we discover anyone who violated the copyright law, we will remove the content posted and close the user’s account. The user can contact the administrators to appeal for the case.

6. Users are also obligated to notify the administrators about contents posted by other users that they believed has violated any laws. Proper investigation and legal action will be taken against the user once we determined that laws have been violated, and we will notify that user.


Any links, advertisements or contents the website publish from other sites does not mean that we endorse the products or services, or agree to the contents of these third parties. Users may share or link their account to the site at their own risk.

Indemnity and Hold Harmless Clause

All users agree to hold harmless and indemnify our website legitwritings.com, its owners, administrators and all affiliates for any consequences that may occur from using our website. The same applies to third-party whose services, products and contents the user may access, purchases or use. Legal fees incurred due to use of our website should be shouldered by the user

Amendments to the Terms and Conditions

We have all the rights to amend, make changes or terminate the terms under the Terms and Condition at any time and without prior notice. We also have the right to remove contents and block any user. If these Terms and Conditions are terminated, the website holds authority over the user-contents.

Entire Agreement

All terms provided in this document are the full terms and conditions of the use of our website legitwritings.com. Should there be any changes, we will notify the users by publishing the changes, and they will go into effect upon publication.

All other terms remain valid and in effect should there be any changes in the terms and conditions, and if any legal authorities should determine that any of the terms are against the law.