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According to its website, Awarded Essay intends to be the “rising star” among online writing services. It seems to be off to a good start, given the customer reviews that we have received and read to this point. In putting together this AwardedEssay.com review, we have focused on key factors – the information and content on the company website (services, samples, policies, pricing, discounts and benefits, testimonials), what customers say about the quality of research and writing, the level of customer service, and the results of our own research paper order. Here is our summary.

Summary of Products and Services

There is a link on the home page which provides the details of the AwardedEssay products and services. There are several categories of services – academic writing and re-writing of all types (high school through graduate programs), copywriting services for web-based businesses, resumes/CV services, and admissions/personal statement essays. Additional services include coursework/project help in STEM areas and full editing and proofreading.

Obviously, AwardedEssay.com has developed a full-service writing agency and also states that it has acquired the professional writing staff to deliver these products and services.

Customer Support

We have used customer comments as well as our own experiences to determine the level of customer service quality. In many instances, online writing companies employ an answering service, usually foreign-based, to respond to phone and online chat communication. Unfortunately, these agents are not well informed and trained by the company.

In the case of Awarded Essay, the agents are obviously trained by the company and employed by the company. We called this department and also engaged in live chat. They were able to give us detailed answers and explanation of policies, specific products, the process for ordering and receiving, and offered assistance in completing orders.

Product Quality

We have to assess quality based upon the content we find on the website, the comments and reviews from customers, and an evaluation of the product we received.

  • The quality of writing on the site itself is clear, well-structured, and reflects excellent English grammar and composition. This indicates that ENL writers are used.
  • Samples on the site indicate that research is authentic and appropriate for academic levels and cited correctly. Further, the composition is scholarly
  • Blog articles are engaging and on a variety of topics. They, too, are well-written
  • Customers state that they are very satisfied with the products and services they have received from Awarded Essays.
  • The research paper we received verified customer reviews. For a college level paper, we were pleased with the primary resources used, the clear and scholarly thesis statement, and the quality of scholarly writing.

Our rating of quality is superior. The company stands by its commitment to high quality, customized and original research and writing. It meets this commitment. Certainly, we say that this company is not a fraud or scam. In fact, it rises above the minimum that we see as the practices of a reputable writing service. This agency’s BBB membership is further testament to its reputation.

Prices and Discounts

Prices are clearly published on the site, and customers can calculate cost prior to placing an order. Academic writing costs begin at $14.99 at the high school level and graduate based upon academic level, type of product, and academic level of the customer. Copywriting and other services have separate pricing charts. New customers have a promo code for a 15% discount. Other coupon codes are provided for returning customers and range from 5 – 15% based upon cumulative page orders.


AwardedEssay offers the common freebies – title, table of contents, and bibliography pages. Other benefits include free revisions, formatting and a plagiarism report. At the ordering phase, customers can add fee-based option for additional benefits.

Final Word

We always list pros & cons of the companies we review. In this case, we can say that the pros far outweigh the cons, both in product quality and customer service procedures. At this point, we are “high” on this company. It simply does things right. We recommend this agency, without reservation.

3 customer reviews of AwardedEssay.com

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Zoe commented:

A few weeks ago I needed an English essay. AwardedEssay easily did it for me in the fastest possible time. Plus gave me free bibliography support together with plagiarism check. Good value!

Pablo commented:

AwardedEssay was and still is my #1 savior with college assignments! They know perfect steps to writing an essay that can help delivering the best one you can imagine!

Gregory commented:

Quick writing help was provided. Essay was of a best quality. I am satisfied with what they did.

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