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We are not certain how long CoolEssay.net has been in business; the company states that it has been in business for five years; however, we have only found information and reviews of the company going back about two years. Nevertheless, there is plenty of information for an objective and thorough review. In preparing this evaluative piece on CoolEssay, we considered several elements – the information provided by the company on its website, including products, services, pricing, and testimonials, a review of the sample writing pieces posted on the website, and customer reviews which have been published elsewhere on the web. In addition, we posed as a customer and ordered an 8-page research paper which we received and evaluated for quality. This summary is the result of all of these elements.

Summary of Products and Services

CoolEssay.net focuses on academic products and services for students from high school forward. This includes major graduate-level works, such as theses and dissertations.

In addition to purely academic coursework writing, the company also offers admissions and scholarship essays, editing and proofreading services, and an array of business writing, which it defines as resume/CV writing, as well as web-based content for enterprises.

Customer Support

The customer support department is located in Eastern Europe. We contacted the department on three occasions, twice by telephone and once through the on-site live chat feature. It was difficult to understand the reps who answered the telephone, and we suspect that this is more of an answering service than actually company-employed and trained professionals. They were not able to answer our more detailed questions about products and continued to refer us to the order form or the FAQ link on the website. The live chat feature on the CoolEssay.net site was somewhat better, and the answers were an improvement.

During the course of the production of our ordered paper, we contacted our writer through the messaging service. We waited over 24 hours for a response, and it was quite terse and simplistic. When we ultimately requested revisions to our paper, we had to go through customer support to get them, and that was a bit of a hassle. Had we been a student with a submission deadline, it definitely would have been missed.

Product Quality

To determine quality, we looked at the writing quality on the site itself, at the samples of essays and papers posted on the site, at customer comments and feedback, and at the research paper we received. The following should provide solid information for anyone considering the use of Cool Essay.

  • The site content is rife with grammatical errors and incorrect word usage, and was obviously composed by an ESL writer. Because the company advertises that it uses writers with Master’s and PhD. degrees who are experts in English, we would think that one of them would have written the content.
  • Our review of the sample writings was no better. In general, the pieces lacked logical structure, did not have thesis statements, and reflected poor grammar and word usage. Here is just one sentence from a research paper on violence in American schools: “Antisocial personality accompanied by attention deficit disorders, may make it difficult for the parents to nature sturdy family bonding and good inner of their offspring.” This incomprehensible text was common throughout the paper.
  • Customers who have posted reviews and comments on CoolEssay registered the same complaints about quality. We suspect ESL writers are being used, though the company states otherwise.
  • The research paper we received was, in terms of structure and composition, wholly inferior. We requested revisions and had to basically re-write it ourselves as we communicated with the writer and customer support. Further, the resources were unacceptable for a college level paper.

Our conclusion? While Cool Essay is not a fraud or scam, we believe the company is less than fully honest about its writers and that it does not deliver the quality that customers expect for their money. As well, the absence of a BBB membership is a concern.

Prices & Discounts

Cool Essay prices are about average. Our 8-page paper with a 7-day deadline was $136.00. If a customer is looking for discounts or a nice promo code for a new customer reward, he will not find that on the site. Customers are told within the text of the site that they can contact customer support for a discount and receive a

the coupon codes for some type of discount. Ours was 5%. The company also states that customers should watch the site for special sales and a promo code to use.


Standard free pages (title, bibliography, table of contents) are provided along with free formatting and revisions. List as a $10 value is free email delivery. In what universe does email cost?

Final Word

Our rating of CoolEssay.com is “Poor” at this time. In looking at the pros & cons, there are far more cons. The company needs to clean up its exaggerations and being to seek writers that have truly mastered the English language, if they intent to appeal to students in English-speaking institutions.


2 customer reviews of CoolEssay.net

doesn't recommended this service

Negative: I've used the service to get a couple of papers done with this service and it did not turn out too well. I've got this idea to change the service because there are actually those ready to give their best to the customers. As soon as I changed the service I changed the opinion about he service.

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: Did not find such.

Negative: All. Everything. At the same time! Really, all together at this service is bad. Starting with the first contact with their support to the very last minute of getting my order. Bad quality, bad timing (self management? they have no idea what it is), bad writer without any writing knowledge. I dunno why would anyone use this service at all or ever again!

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Lucy commented:

Use to order from this service, but I'm sooo done. I was trying to prove that they've messed up. Again. And the support just flipped out on the phone. Lame!

Gabriel commented:

Meh - that`s my reaction when I hear about this writing service. Writing is obviously what they shouldn`t be doing! Want to waste your time and money? Order paper on their resource then!

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