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Among writing services, GradeMiners.com appears to be comparatively new. In its short history, however, there seems to be a lot of “buzz” about its products and services throughout review sites and social media. This review has been compiled based upon those customer reviews but also upon the information that the company has provided on its website, its own customer testimonials, pricing, benefits, products, and the result of an order we placed for a research paper. We have compiled all of that to provide this Grade Miners summary.

Summary of Products & Services

GradeMiners offers solely academic products and services for students at all academic levels. This can be as simple as a high school 5-paragraph descriptive essay to a Ph.D. dissertation in physics. This obviously requires some very skilled and highly credentialed writers, which the company claims it has. In fact, it states that its hundreds of writers have served 200,000 students – that’s a lot.

In addition to specific products, the company also provides editing and proofreading, admissions essays, and something called “paraphrasing,” an unusual service for writing companies.

Customer Support

The quality of products is, of course, the key to the value of any writing service. But behind that product production and delivery is a customer support department.

We contacted the customer support department before we placed our order for a research paper. We asked several detailed questions to which we could not get detailed answers. Instead, we were told to complete an order form and that our writer would handle all of our questions. On another occasion, we were told to link to the FAQ page, which did not have our answers either. In short, we are unsure whether these are company employees or simply an answering service.

Product Quality

As stated, GradeMiners states that it has hundreds of writers, all of whom have Master’s or Ph.D. degrees and all of whom are Native English-speakers. This means that product quality should be superior. Unfortunately, that does not appear to be the case. Here are the elements we used in determining quality.

  • We first looked at the textual content on the website. There is an enormous amount of content, much of which is redundant and “filler.” Most customers will not read this information, but we did. There are unusual word usages and some grammatical and punctuation errors which lead us to believe that an ESL writer may have been involved.
  • We attempted to access the three sample pieces of writing but received only “404 error” messages. Customer support told us that they were “making maintenance.” That maintenance continued for several days and we stopped trying to access those Grade Miners samples at all. We can therefore not comment on quality.
  • A number of reviews and comments exist all over the web, and many of them complain loudly about poor writing quality, refusal to provide refunds when deadlines are missed, and generally poor responsiveness when issues are raised. In one instance, a customer posted the paper she got and highlighted all of the grammar and composition errors in the piece.
  • The research paper we received reflected the same types of complaints that others reported. The paper lacked a thesis statement, included lots of redundancies in order to “fill” space, and the resources were totally inappropriate for a college paper. Our plagiarism scan showed 15% - not acceptable.

Our overall rating of quality is “poor.”

We do need to state, however, that GradeMiners.com is not a fraud or scam. Customers do receive their ordered works for the money they pay.

We were also unable to find a BBB membership, which all reputable companies should have.

Prices & Discounts

Grade Miners prices are about average. They begin a $11.89 for a 20-day deadline on a high school essay and move up to $45.95 for Ph.D. level work with an hours’-long deadline. As we always do, we called the company and asked if a dissertation could be fully written in 14 days and were told yes, with a cost of $4050.00 – absurd. In terms of discounts, there is only one and that consists of coupon codes for 15% off for first-time customers. Beyond that, there is a complex bonus plan to earn discounts on future orders. The site states that it does have periodic special pricing that comes with a promo code.


There is no listing of free pages and such, although these may already be figured into the total cost. Revisions may be requested up to two weeks after delivery, and of course customers can choose their formatting style.

Final Word

Grade Miners is a legitimately operating writing service. However, in looking at pros & cons, there are far better writing services out there for the prices they charge. If a customer should choose to use this company he needs to be prepared for revision requests.

3 customer reviews of GradeMiners.com

doesn't recommended this service

Negative: I would not be gladly recommending the service. I think the service is not too bad if you opt for drafts, yet you can use other options to get better quality writing and choose yourself what to do with it. Anyway, I prefer another service and did not hear much of good things about the service.

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: Is there any at all?

Negative: I hate when people try to convince me I am the one who is wrong not they, even though their fault is so obvious! The same story was with a "perfect" writer at GradeMiners.com who was not able to write my paper in the needed way and tried to made me sure it wasn`t even possible to come close to the given requirements. Bad service!

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: -

Negative: Probably, this is the worst custom writing service I have ever found. Having lots of experience with ordering online I have never expected a service to be like this one: no free services were given, a discount was missed and overall quality of the paper desired to be much, much better! To all of my complaints, their support team didn`t say a word. Better not to use them at all.

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Karrie commented:

It's either I don't get the service or something's so wrong. Them people do not meet the requirements of writing service like at all.

Charlotte commented:

2 points out of 10. No proofreading, no summary, didn`t meet the deadline, high pricing. I can`t find any reason to collaborate with them again. Thus - I will not ever!

Monica commented:

Awful paper writing service... It`s not possible to find there a good paper writer nor good quality samples you can use. Do not recommend.

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